Psst, wanna buy some wine?

Wine buyers 2Want to buy directly from a winery but don’t fancy hopping in the car and driving across Europe? Take a look at Wine Buyers.

Calling in to their London offices the other day, this has to be the youngest wine initiative I have ever seen. If you think the wine business is stuffy, this will change your mind. Serial start-up entrepreneur, Ben Revell, has taken his passion for fine wine, luxury and technology and rolled them into one to create Wine Buyers. After a soft launch in October last year, it has grown and grown to now include over 30,000 different wines from almost 40 countries on the site.

It’s an interesting and original model: A wine club, free to join for clients, with suppliers, be they wineries, chateaux or wine merchants, paying a monthly fee to offer up their wines directly to buyers. It means that smaller properties as well as the well established can access a mainly young clientele looking to discover and learn about wines and have them delivered to their door.

The site is constantly evolving, clever technology allows the Winebuyers site to integrate directly with producer websites for automated real-time stock updates. With an average of eight new suppliers joining a week, it is effectively a virtual shop front for producers and merchants. The site doesn’t mark up prices or charge commission on any item sold, the revenue stream comes from the suppliers referenced on the site happy to increase exposure to their products, with original funding for the start up via CrowdCube.

Being Bordeaux biased, I went straight to this category and they have everything from branded wines, to small producers and great growths and a lovely shop window of sweet Bordeaux, which always works for me. It’s easy to navigate with categories by colour grape varieties and regions and by food pairing.

It’s dynamic and hip, including 734 vegan, 670 vegetarian wines and over 400 UK wines and a growing following on social media. They are interacting with their members through competitions and an regularly updated blog, introducing them to different wine categories.  They believe their members are keen to learn and experiment and help them to do so through recommendations and seasonal tips and suggestions from wine specialists and influencers (those gin baubles?)

This should be fun. I wish them luck.




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