Patrick Mavros in Mauritius

The workshop and show room of Patrick Mavros in Mauritius is a haven of peace and elegance in the chaos and noise of the outskirts of the capital, Port Louis.

The courtyard entrance to the Workshop and Studio
The courtyard entrance to the Workshop and Studio

The wrought iron door decorated with monkeys, dodos, turtles and other sea creatures, takes you into another world. The monkey welcome theme continues with the wonderful door handles to the showroom.

The gateway to the Patrick Mavros Showroom and Workshop
The gateway to the Patrick Mavros Showroom and Workshop

Silver Sculptor Patrick Mavros established a workshop in Mauritius 6 years ago but despite his international reach his heart remains in Zimbabwe where his workshops, the family homestead, the wildlife sanctuary, the offices and reception and his sales studio, are built to form a small village on his estate in the wild hills outside Harare in Zimbabwe.

Welcoming monkeys

He started carving in ivory to make a gift for his new wife and now with his 4 sons the family runs workshops in Harare, London, Mauritius and recently the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The Mauritian Showroom
The Mauritian Showroom

 His silver sculptures reflect African wild-life in all its diversity, from hippo and elephant sculptures to crocodile belt buckles and monkey swizzle sticks for your cocktails. His Mauritian collection created for his opening here reflects the sea theme with seahorses and starfish complimented with shells, pearls and topaz.

Every silver sculpture is made using lost wax casting using ivory as the original sculpture Molten silver is poured into the plaster mould and once the silver has cooled the plaster mould is broken open to reveal the silver casting. The casting is then cleaned and checked to see that every detail of the original has been faithfully reproduced. Finally, the piece is hallmarked and polished in one of his workshops.

The lost wax casting in the Mauritian workshop
The lost wax casting in the Mauritian workshop

Silver is a by-product of gold refining in Zimbabwe. In the 60 tonnes of gold produced each year the ore contains traces of copper, silver and lead and it is during the gold refining stage that the silver is extracted.

There is an artistic theme running through his family. His sister-in-law Fée Halsted created the south African ceramics company Ardmore. Examples of their work can also be found at the Mauritian show room including the most spectacular chandelier in the form of a giant banana flower decorated with monkeys birds and other African insects.


The fabulous Ardmore Chadelier
The fabulous Ardmore Chandelier

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