Burgers and Bordeaux.

It may surprise you to know how much the French love Burgers. There are currently more than  1220 ‘Mcdos’ (as the French affectionately call McDonalds) serving 1.7 million meals a day ! However as befits bordeaux’s growing gastronomic reputation two local chefs are showing the french there is more to burgers than Mcdo.

Bruno Oliver left a bereaved fan club when he sold Le Café Gourmand a few years back. The gastronomic scene in Bordeaux was just not the same without his take on using fresh local produce in a fun atmosphere. We missed him despite his recipe books , TV programmes and blog. Despair no longer, Bruno is back in a new form. Never one to be behind a trend he has put a French accent on the street food which is so successful in the anglo saxon world adapting it to French cuisine. He says it is a return to his roots.

Bruno Oliver makes fresh Limousin burgers to order in his ‘camion’.

You will find his cute van bearing his franglaise logo ‘Camion by Oliver’ parked in various locations throughout the city – you can follow the itinerary on www.facebook.com/camion.byoliver. Excellent burgers from Limousin beef, traditional ‘jambon beurre’ sandwiches, great desserts and wine, of course. Hardly surprising considering his pedigree, Bruno’s grandfather, Raymond Olivier was from Langon (in the heart of Sauternes country) the chef-owner of 3 star Michelin Le Grand Véfour in Paris. He was also an innovator, creating the first ever French TV programme dedicated to cooking in the 50s. I’m sure he’d be proud of his grandson carrying on a family tradition.

If you prefer your street food off the street in more confirmable surroundings british Ben Lethbridge has just opened West Coast Burgers in the centre of Old Bordeaux. After Paris and a restaurant on the Bordeaux waterfront Ben decided to create a restaurant dedicated to quality but affordable burgers.

The West Coast burger with avocado, bacon and caramelized onions.

Also using Limousin beef  with a different speciality burger on the menu each day as well as a range including veggie and chicken burgers but also onion rings, coleslaw, a couple of salads and great desserts. He also offers clients the possibility to bring their own wines for a nominal corkage fee of 7 euros. Bordeaux and Burgers – a winner.

Try all the desserts at once with the ‘café gourmand’











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  1. Great little article, burgers and Bordeaux, two of my favourites. I hope that is a mincing machine in the photo of Bruno Oliver and that he minces the meat for the burger to order. Using pre-formed patties, (usually frozen or chilled) means the burger cannot be served less cooked than medium which is such a shame. If you’re making your own, try mincing really tough but tasty beef, like leg or even cheek. Much tastier, and edible when minced finely and served rare.

    Further burger debate:

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