Bordeaux Bootcamp

Many people who tour with me or attend class already have some knowledge of Bordeaux. This usually comes from the bottle – a pretty good place to start – but they are looking to get to know the place behind the label.

Others know nothing about Bordeaux except perhaps a few preconceived ideas and want to know the truth behind the image.

Bordeaux Bootcamp is an opportunity for me to summarise some of the themes I teach in class and cover when I tour with clients. It also answers some of the most frequently asked questions by students and the visitors to the vineyards.

There are plenty of excellent books about Bordeaux; either Château by Château or tasting guides. Bordeaux Bootcamp is neither of these; it is designed to look at Bordeaux basics and be a quick guide to the key elements that make Bordeaux the iconic region it is. Bordeaux wine education made simple.

If you are planning to visit and want some background beforehand, or if you have already toured or been to a class with me and could benefit from a little revision and update Bordeaux Bootcamp is for you. The book is available for purchase at Gumroad. Or from Please contact me here to receive a discount code for your Gumroad purchase of Bordeaux Bootcamp. Book Reviewers please contact me if you would like a complimentary copy.

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The Drinking Woman’s Diet

The idea for The drinking Woman’s Diet originally came about at the end of a wine tour in Bordeaux. A client, groaning from a week of fabulous food and wine, asked me ‘how do you do this all the time and keep in shape?

Well the first answer is I don’t do it all the time, but I do it a lot; I drink wine for a living. I teach wine classes, run tastings and talk at wine dinners for professionals and enthusiastic amateurs around the world. I take people around vineyards and wineries of Bordeaux and, with the objective of keeping an open mind, I constantly sample wines from around the world and taste my way through wine regions.

It’s a wonderful job but, as with many things, there is a downside. The benefits of wine drinking are constantly being lauded in the press but so are the risks. Adding insult to injury, wine goes with food, and tasting dinners are rarely very light affairs. So, as well as keeping an eye on the state of my liver, I try to keep an eye on my waistline.

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Learn about Wine

Wine education is at the heart of everything Wendy does – for students seeking to improve their existing wine knowledge, immerse themselves in the appellations and classifications of Bordeaux, or build on the wine knowledge of their sales force.


Tailor made Wine Tours

Working as a wine tourism consultant with a network of local tour operators, wineries and other specialists across the major wine regions, Wendy creates unique experiences for intimate groups of friends and colleagues.


Wine and Wellness

Wendy’s greatest passions encompass wine and wellness. After 30 years in the wine industry, Wendy is all too aware of the pitfalls of eating and drinking for a living.