A serene morning break from wine.

If you don’t fancy visiting the vineyards of France in the depths of winter help is at hand. Always interested to find ideas for our wine tour clients when visiting the vineyards of France is not an option, Mary Dardenne of Decanter Tours and I sacrificed ourselves to test drive the new Day Spa offer by The Shanti Maurice.

I have mentioned this fabulous Mauritian resort on previous posts, so some of you will recognise the name. Normally reserved for residents the Nira Spa is now opening it’s doors to non residents for a special offer. So should you find yourself near the south of the island here’s your chance.

Yoga at the Shanti

We arrived in time for the 8.15 Hatha yoga class given by one of the highly trained resident yogis, followed by a cleansing Jalneti session to clear the sinuses. This all worked up an appetite for the fabulous spa breakfast. Served in a private tea pavilion surrounded by the waterfalls of the spa garden we were offered a choice of hot dishes accompanied by fresh fruit, grilled vegetables, Muslei, yoghurt and freshly baked breads (including gluten free) all accompanied by their famous ginger and lemon tea.

Breakfast is served

After a break for digestion lying by the pool the morning ended with the wonderful 4 handed Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage, steam and scrub. We both highly recommend this as a wonderful way to while away those wine tour free months and your liver will be in pristine condition for the start of the next season!

And to finish a swim in the spa pool.

To book the Serenity Morning call the Nira Spa +230 603 72 00 or by e mail NiraSpa@shantimaurice.com


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